Monday, 24 January 2011

Bangalore, Ever thought, what happens to the water that you spit in the wash basin at your home? Any idea?

Atleast some of you might know that most of the water flows to Belledur lake, but from there? .. It receives water/sewage from Ulsoor Lake, Chellaghatta Valley, Hulimavu, Doddbegur drain, Madivaala Lake, Tavarrrakere, Bellandur Lake. That becomes most of the water waste in Bangalore. It’s not a short story. It’s a long one. It travels around 350 kilometers and reaches the Bay of bangal :)  Interesting??
It’s not a joke, see the picture.
It crosses Tamil Nadu border after flowing 40 KM. and another three kilometers to Avalappali Dam.
After flowing for 110 KM it reaches the , KRP(Krishnagiri Reservoir Project) Dam, the main Water resource for Kaverippatinam and around 100 villages. It continues to flow to Sathanur Dam/reservoir while it has already flow 220 KM. This magnificent Sathanur dam was built in the year 1958. It is located near the Chennakeshava hills in Chengam. A large area of agriculture lands are benefited through water stored in this dam. From there it continues to flow to flow to bay of bangal and reaches it after flowing for 350 KM in between Cuddalore and Pondichery along with the Pennaiyar river that originates at the Chennakesava hills.

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